2004 Volkswagen Transporter T5 1.9 84hp

It's always nice to give a 17 year old transporter a new lease of life! With over 150,000 on the clock it had only lost 2hp which is pretty impressive i'd day. These VW's tend to hold their power pretty well. From what we have noticed with the more modern vans, is they are always up on power a little to start with..... maybe this helps?

So, we go ahead and do the before dyno run. Don't be put off by having your van tuned if it is of slightly high mileage, as all of our remaps are custom tuned by Martin @ Pendle HQ, the age and mileage is always taken into consideration when he produces the tuned file.

I guess the nice thing about these older 1.9 T5's is there is no DPF to worry about, we do however still have to give it a good few thrashes on the dyno to clear out some of the carbon build up on the turbo etc.

After this one was tuned, it gained a decent 55hp in power and 87nM of torque which is pretty impressive for a 2004 van with a 1.9 engine in it :)

The owner was very pleased driving home needless to say!


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