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Q: Does it make any difference if my car has higher than average mileage?

A:We always carry out full diagnostics before remapping the car. If your car is well serviced and in normal working order, a remap will not cause any issues. Since our remaps are custom made to your vehicle, it will always be perfect for your car even if it has seen a few more miles than most.

Q: Does this affect my service program?

A:On all our remaps, you can continue using the manufacturer's recommended service program. On some cars, we do recommend starting to run with premium unleaded petrol (98RON).On these cars, fuel consumption with 98-octane fuel is a bit less than with lower octane ratings, actually making it cheaper to run.

Q: How long does a remap take to do?

A:There are some cars that take a whole day, but most cars are ready in 2-3 hours. We always carry out diagnostics before and after the remap to find any potential problems in the vehicle.

Q: Is it safe?

A:On most cars, yes! We vast experience with different cars and engines and we have completed a huge amount of research on the limits that should not be exceeded. Our remaps always retain the safety limiters found within the ECU so, when driving with a Pendle Remap, you can be assured that you have a quality product to keep your driving experience safe. We also always carry out full engine checks and diagnostics prior to any tuning to make sure the vehicle is in perfect working condition, we can also provide a full engine report.

Q: Why choose us?

A:We are part of the Pendle Performance Team. With a Pendle Performance tune in your car, you can rest assured that the product is backed by our team of highly skilled tuners. Pendle are also the only major tuning company in the market that can supply you with a full custom tune for your vehicle. We do not just supply generic remaps but, with the support from our Pendle tuners, we can remap your car to your exact specifications. Want to limit torque in first gear or iron out flat spots? No problem. 

Want to remove that speed limiter? Pendle can do this. Does your car have high mileage and you want to play it safe? Done.

Do not like the stock throttle response? Sorted. Looking for more economy from your diesel? Pendle ECO Tune. Want to remove the catalytic converter or dpf? Not a problem. (These are just a few examples of the service that we can offer through us).

Q: Will it effect my insurance?

A:This depends on your insurance terms. We recommend that you check this with your insurers.

Q: Can the process be reversed?

A:Yes, your original file will be stored in our database and the ECU can always be reverted back to stock.

Q: Q: Chiptuning / Remapping what does it mean?

A:The term "chiptuning" dates back to the late 1980's. When we talk about chiptuning, we mean the reprogramming of the calibration data found inside the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Today, people refer to it as chiptuning, remapping, reflashing etc. It all means the same thing.

Q: How will effect my fuel economy?

A:As remapping completely changes the way that your engine behaves, bringing in the torque range sooner and higher rev range etc. If you drive your vehicle sensibly you should notice a slight increase. This is because of the extra torque from your engine means that you can go up hills in a higher gear which in turn keeps you in a lower rev range which is where you will save fuel.

On the other hand.... if you get happy with your extra power and your right foot gets heavier then you will burn more fuel!

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