JC Performance was set up to run along side out parent company JC Vans Ltd. We started on the small Isle of Portland, converting Volkswagen transporters into luxury camper vans. On the tail end of this people were asking us if we can remap their pride and joy for them. We started by getting third party companies to remap them for us. As everything that we do, we wanted to keep this in-house. After some long thoughts and research, we contacted Martin at Pendle Performance. They had brilliant reviews about their tuning and we decided to take the plunge into buying into his team.

The remapping then really started to take off. We were doing full data-logs out on the road (not really road legal due to the speed as Portland had a 40mph top speed). Although this was ok, when we moved to our new site in Weymouth we knew that although they had faster roads, traffic was going to be a problem! We didn't want to be like others where they simply flash a generic file onto your vehicle without even logging anything. It was then when we decided to purchase a brand new MAHA LPS3000 dyno rolling road. We are the only tuner in the area that has one of these and use it for all of our remaps. Not only does this dyno make it safer to perform out data logs, but we can also then give out customers true gains from before and after dyno print outs.

Working along side Martin at Pendle Performance and the rest of the team of agents, our knowledge of all makes and models of vehicles is huge! When we perform a dyno run and data log, it picks up any underlying issues that you may have with your vehicle that you may not even be aware of! Many others will just tune your vehicle and take your money! This is where we are different, we will advise you of the issue and explain what we think the cause may be. Giving you the chance to take your vehicle away, rectify the problem and then return to have your remap done when your vehicle is in its best health.

Not having your vehicle tuned correctly can cause massive health problems for your engine including complete engine failure! Not to mention the damage this will do to your wallet. We guarantee all of our work and our after sales service is second to none.

We may not be the cheapest tuner out there, but it will be tuned correctly first time.



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